HR Consultant/Partner Level 5

Providing human resources (HR) expertise within a company or organisation.

Course Background and Overview

Full time apprentices will typically spend 12 -18months on-programme (before the gateway) working towards the occupational standard, with a minimum of 20% off-the-job training. All apprentices must spend a minimum of 12 months on-programme.
The EPA period should only start, and the EPA be arranged, once the employer is satisfied that the apprentice is deemed to be consistently working at or above the level set out in the occupational standard, all of the pre-requisite gateway requirements for EPA have been met and can be evidenced to an EPAO.

In the role of Human Resource (HR) Consultant, individuals will apply their HR expertise to provide and lead business-focused HR solutions, along with tailored advice to the business across a variety of HR functions. In addition, their work will be linked to the business context and priorities. In a larger organisation, they may form part of a team supporting the company, as well as managing personnel.HR consultant will also change managers' thinking and implement best practices in the company.

End-Point Assessment Components

  • Consultative Project
  • Professional Discussion

EPA Cost and Payment Terms

  • EPA Cost £1,200
  • 30% of Standard EPA Charges (Deposit) payable at time Learner clears Gateway. Learners should be registered a minimum of 90 days prior to planned on programme end date.
  • 70% of Standard EPA Charges (Balance) payable within 90 days of Learner clearing gateway.

Resit and Re-take Fees

  • Consultative Project £600
  • Professional Discussion £600

Delivery Process Map


Learner Passes Gateway

Once the learner has been registered, the learner uploads all documentation for gateway including their gateway agreement. This shows the learner is now ready for EPA.


Learner Booked in with IEA

When the learner has passed gateway, our booking team associate, Daniel Conway co-ordinates with the learner and available IEA’s to get the learner booked in for their EPA components. Once a time/date has been agreed and an IEA has been allocated, Farah proceeds to book the learner in via Summit. The learner receives an email from Summit confirming their EPA booking.


Learner Attends EPA

The learner will attend their EPA sessions with their IEA on the platforms the IEA has set for them.


Assessor and IV Marking

The IEA will mark the work of the learner within 5 working days and pass it over to the Internal Verifier (IV). The IV will have another 5 working days to provide their final comments and conclude the overall grade for the learner.


Final Grade Awarded

The IV will upload the final grade for the learner on Summit for which the learner will be notified via email confirmation. BIOR aim to have the marking process and final grade awarded to the learner within 10 working days from the date the learner attended their EPA.

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