Resits and Retakes

2 months ago

If an apprentice fails at least one assessment method, they will be offered the opportunity to take an apprenticeship resit or a retake.

Employers and training providers should consider a supportive action plan for retaking exams when it is recommended by the EPA result notification.

It is critical to clearly define the nature and scope of the re-training and include an estimate of how long it will take the apprentice to prepare for the retake. It is the employer's responsibility to agree with EPAO on the retake's timeframe and fee.

A resit is when an apprentice sits one or more of the failed assessment components again without the need for further training. As a result of EPA failure, the EPAO will provide a result statement indicating the assessment components the apprentice has failed and that additional training is not necessary. Apprentices who have passed their EPA cannot resit to increase their grade. A resit may only be taken if an apprentice has failed.

Who is responsible for resit costs?

As part of their commitment to apprentices, employers are expected to support them until completion, including paying the cost of resitting the exams. Resits are not eligible for funding from the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

As part of the apprenticeship agreement, the EPAO and training providers may agree to contribute to resit costs but are not responsible for them. Suppose an apprentice fails a theoretical aspect of training and the training provider pays for a resit.

For example, a training provider may contribute to the cost of a resit if the apprentice fails a theoretical element of the training. There may be one or more resits included in the initial contract price of an EPAO.

An apprentice can take as many resits as their employer deems necessary unless their assessment plan restricts them to one. According to the ESFA, resits are limited to two; however, the apprentice may take more than two retakes if their assessment plan specifies otherwise.

Neither resits nor training costs can be charged to apprentices.

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